The FrontalCortex question bank can help you study for the Psychiatry Resident-In-Training Examination (PRITE exam).


Courtesy of Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

The lamina reticularis and subjacent structures. (Schematic.) A. Internal rod of Corti, with a, its plate. B. External rod (in yellow). C. Tunnel of Corti. D. Membrana basilaris. E. Inner hair cells. 1, 1. Internal and external borders of the membrana reticularis. 2, 2, 2. The three rows of circular holes (in blue). 3. First row of phalanges (in yellow). 4, 4, 4. Second, third, and fourth rows of phalanges (in red). 6, 6, 6. The three rows of outer hair cells (in blue). 7, 7, 7. Cells of Deiters. 8. Cells of Hensen and Claudius. (Testut.)

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