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Diagram of the blood vessels of the eye, as seen in a horizontal section. (Leber, after St÷hr.). Course of vasa centralia retinŠ: a. Arteria. a. 147 Vena centralis retinŠ. B. Anastomosis with vessels of outer coats. C. Anastomosis with branches of short posterior ciliary arteries. D. Anastomosis with chorioideal vessels. Course of vasa ciliar. postic. brev.: I. ArteriŠ, and I1. VenŠ ciliar. postic. brev. II. Episcleral artery. II1. Episcleral vein. III. Capillaries of lamina choriocapillaris. Course of vasa ciliar. postic. long.: 1. a. ciliar. post. longa. 2. Circulus iridis major cut across. 3. Branches to ciliary body. 4. Branches to iris. Course of vasa ciliar. ant.: a. Arteria. a1. Vena ciliar. ant. b. Junction with the circulus iridis major. c. Junction with lamina choriocapill. d. Arterial, and d1. Venous episcleral branches. e. Arterial, and e1. Venous branches to conjunctiva sclerŠ. f. Arterial, and f1. Venous branches to corneal border. V. Vena vorticosa. S. Transverse section of sinus venosus sclerŠ.

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