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Courtesy of Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Lateral views of membranous labyrinth and acoustic complex. X 25 dia. (Streeter.) absorpt. focu, area of wall where absorption is complete; amp., ampulla membranacea; crus, crus commune; d. sc. lat., ductus semicircularis lateralis; d. sc. post., ductus semicircularis posterior; d. sc. sup., ductus semicircular superior; coch. or cochlea, ductus cochlearis; duct. endolymph, ductus endolymphaticus; d. reuniens, ductus reuniens Henseni; endol. or endolymphs appendix endolymphaticus; rec. utr., recessus utriculi; sacc., sacculus; sac. endol., saccus endolymphaticus; sinus utr. lat., sinus utriculi lateralis; utric., utriculus; vestib. p., vestibular pouch.

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