The FrontalCortex question bank can help you study for the Residency Inservice Training Exam (RITE exam).


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Videos are very good for quickly conveying a lot of information, especially about movements.

For example, this is the Babinski response:

Which is normal in newborns, but not in adults.

And FrontalCortex hosts an entire course based around videos like this:

Teaching how to perform electromyography.


Mixing with Face-to-Face Learning

  • Discussing a topic
  • Show appropriate video
  • Ask learner to describe what he/she sees and what it means
  • Discuss


  • Generally positive verbal feedback
  • “very good site and i suggest adding video moviez of movement disorder or neuropthalmology cases   and thank u for great job”
  • Dr. Gandhy:  this is “the only way”


Mixing with Face-to-Face Learning

  • Preparing a lecture
  • Search for images & brief videos on FrontalCortex, Google, or YouTube
  • Download them
  • Incorporate them into powerpoint

  • Varies
  • Generally positive


Mixing with Face-to-Face Learning

  • Patient education
  • “This is what the test is like…”

  • Very helpful on specific occasions
  • Eases patient fears

To add a movie, go to  


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