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Primitive Reflexes 2
Which of the following statements about the primitive reflex shown above is most accurate
Primitive Reflexes 1
Which one of the following statements sbout primitive reflexes is true

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Primitive Reflexes 2
Primitive Reflexes 1
Primitive Reflexes - The Galant Reflex
GALANT REFLEXClick Here to See the First VideoClick Here to See the Second Video Test: This is also known as the trunk incurvation test.  In the video, the examiner holds the baby by the belly, with the anterior aspect of the infant's body facing the floor...
Primitive Reflexes - The Moro Reflex
MORO REFLEXClick Here to See the VideoTest: reflex is best elicited when infant is startled - loud noises, sudden flashes of light, or changes in vestibular position can stimulate this reflex. In the video, you can see the examiner holds the baby off the ground,...
Primitive Reflexes - The Rooting Reflex
ROOTING REFLEXClick Here to See the VideoTest:  This is a sensory reflex, which occurs when an infant responds to stimulation on around the mouth.  In the video, you can see the examiner stroke the baby on the perioral area.Normal response:  The infant will...
Primitive Reflexes - The Foot Grasp Reflex
FOOT GRASP REFLEXClick Here to See the VideoTest: Pressure on the sole of the foot elicits this reflex.  In video, you can see the examiner place his finger just under the toes of the infant and apply pressure.Normal response: The infant's toes flex, or grasp...
Primitive Reflexes - The Plantar Reflex
THE PLANTAR REFLEX Click Here to See the Video Test: This is also known as the Babinski reflex. It is best evoked by a specific stimulation of the soles of the feet with a sharp object (like the end of a reflex hammer or a fingernail). In the video, you...
Primitive Reflexes - The Hand Grasp Reflex
HAND GRASP REFLEXClick Here to See the VideoTest: The hand grasp reflex occurs when pressure is applied to the infant's palm.  In the video, you can see the examiner's finger press on the palm of the infant. Normal response: The infant's fingers will flex, or grasp the examiner's finger...
Primitive Reflexes - Closing Remarks
IN CLOSINGThe long-term prognosis of an infant does not always correlate to the neurologic exam.  It's important to remember that these reflexes can vary with the examiner's experience as well as the alertness of the infant. To determine an abnormal...
Primitive Reflexes
Welcome.This is a mini-course written by Lizzy Freeman, M.S. III, and J. Douglas Miles, M.D., Ph.D. , and Dr. Mitzi Payne, all from Marshall University in West Virginia.  This mini-course is a brief tutorial on the primitive reflexes - those reflexes which...
Primitive Reflexes - General Information
GENERAL INFORMATIONPrimitive reflexes occur in infants before their cerebral cortex is fully mature. These reflexes arise from the spinal cord and brainstem. They are present at birth, and recede as the brain develops. Eventually the descending inhibitory...
Topics in Basic Neurology
This course will feature several resources on the basics of neurology, at the level appropriate for a medical student.  A brief tutorial on primitive reflexes can be found here.  A brief module on the peripheral nervous system and the physical exam has recently been added.