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A picture paints a thousand words.

Sometimes, it's just very helpful to be able to show someone a picture of what you're talking about.  For example, this is what a glioblastoma multiforme looks like on MRI:


Or, here is a map of the Ohio river valley: has over 3,000 images.  Anyone can pull one of these up and use it for teaching.  Or download it to include in powerpoint presentation.  



Mixing with Face-to-Face Learning

  • See a patient with a student or resident
  • Discuss the patient
  • Prompt the learner to ask questions
  • If no questions, ask the learner
  • Identify areas of weakness
  • Pull out the images and discuss



Explaining the different arteries in the brain:

Reviewing neuroanatomy: 

Explaining the different brain imaging modalities, or stroke: 




Very helpful

Images can come from, PACS, Flikr, Google, etc. 

Minimal labor to create


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