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Interactive Images

Last updated on Monday, August 16 2010 by jdmiles

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Sometimes, it is helpful to have extra information pop up when you mouse-over an image.

This makes the content more interactive, and hopefully, allows the learner to try to determine for himself/herself what an image shows before revealing the answers.


Some examples:




Interactive images like these:

  • require more work,
  • can be done by non-programmers.
  • require a website that supports this kind of setup




Mixing with Face-to-Face Learning

  • Discussing a topic
  • Bring out the image
  • Ask learner to describe the image
  • “Can you see ________?”
  • Greater depth of processing, learner engagement



  • Time-consuming
  • Requires website
  • Can be helpful

"I'm studying for my boards right now and I couldn't remember what pseudo-palisading necrosis looks like.  In fact, I never really understood what palisading meant.  I did a search in Google and one of the top results was [] where you drew on the slide to demonstrate the palisading area and the necrotic area.  Very cool and helpful!  Thanks for keeping such a great site!"


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