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Multiple Choice Questions

Last updated on Monday, August 16 2010 by jdmiles

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Dynamic Questions are great, but labor-intensive and require special expertise to create.

However, simpler Multiple Choice Questions can be generated on
  • “Static” Questions
  • Order of answers randomized each time
  • Additional ability to randomize features of the question with a scripting language
  • Easier to create
  • Can be written by non-programmers
  • Facilitated creation of a large question bank
  • ALL questions require feedback
  • ALL questions require references.  References can be entered with a PMID or ISBN 



Creating a multiple-choice question:

Click to Create


Mixing with Face-to-Face Learning

  • A gap in the knowledge base found
  • Load the question
  • "Here, what do you think of this?"
  • Allow learner to answer
  • Discuss


Sometimes helpful for starting a discussion, or assessing knowledge base
Better for self-study

Quotes from user feedback:

  • I like the random question option.  It helps keep me on my toes.
  • Excellent Website.  Very helpful website; well done Miles!  For those who are interested in neurology, you will find high quality teaching stuffs here.  Regards and all the very best!
  • I just whosh happy learning to everybody using this site. It is indeed very helpful. Very essential.
  • AIN also has deep sensory fibers, but no cutaneous sensory fibers
  • I love the site, but the spelling of the word plantAr as plantEr is hard to accept

Sometimes, you get interesting conversations




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