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iPED Conference Question #3
Which of the following are most easily and effectively incorporated into face-to-face learning
What can we do without Mr. Berry?
You intend to give a lecture to post-graduate neurology trainees about subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Which one of the following statements should your lecture NOT include

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Perception of Pain
I read that the cingulate gyrus is important in the interpretation of emotions with pain. In lecture we talked about somatosensory area 2, and this is involved in determing how severe or agonal the pain is. Is there a relation between these structures 
Lots of New Stuff
There are a lot of new features on FrontalCortex which have been added over the past few months.Most significantly, we've added the ability for users to create and maintain multimedia online courses.  Check out the courses tab.  You'll find an online...

Online Course Content

 Informal Assessments How well does this learner know the material  You can get an estimate of a learner’s knowledge base by their discussion of an image or short video.You can get an idea of their interest by the questions they pose.  Mixing with Face-to-Face...
Learning modules
Here, we are defining a learning module as a combination of:Pre-testFlash-based lecture or other multimedia teaching materialPost-testExample Mixing with Face-to-Face Learning Limited by duration of moduleVery brief modules:  silly to have pre-test & post-testLonger...
Pages of Text or HTML with images
This kind of resource is more or less what you've been reading this presentation on: hypertext pages wihch mix text, hyperlinks, images and interactive images.Dr. Mark Cohen's lecture on Parkinsonian neurodegenerative diseases is a much stronger example...
Recorded Lectures and Flash Presentations
At this time, has at least a dozen full-length lectures, featuring slides, recorded voice, and some basic user interactive features (Skip ahead, go back, etc).Great deal of interest from some medical instructors.  In residency programs, rarely...
Videos are very good for quickly conveying a lot of information, especially about movements.For example, this is the Babinski response: Teaching how to perform electromyography.  Mixing with Face-to-Face LearningDiscussing a topicShow appropriate videoAsk...
Peripheral Nervous System and Physical Exam Findings (video)

Basic Neuropathologic Reactions
Among the resources in this section are 5 lectures providing an overview of the basic cells of the nervous system, and their reactions to damage. For those who would prefer to read than listen:The typical neuron is pyramidal or triangular-shaped with a large,...
Multiple Sclerosis
Acquired, inflammatory leukoencephalopathiesInflammation may either be related to infection, or indicate the presence of an autoimmune process. Infection of oligodendroglial cells is unusual, and is practically confined to JC virus infection in immunocompromised...
Shared Educational Resources
This section contains recorded lectures on neuropathology.  LEGAL STUFF: These presentations may contain information which is subject to copyright.  Downloading or copying any of these files is prohibited.  Although this material, or portions of this material...