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Neurodegen 08
Courtesy of Dr. Mark Cohen The abnormalities present in this coronal section are most consistent with which of the following diseases
Neurodegen 03
Courtesy of Dr. Mark Cohen In the most common genetic form of late-onset familial Parkinson disease (LRRK2 G1920s), these alpha-synuclein positive structures are seen first in which of the following locations
Neurodegen 01
Courtesy of Dr. Mark Cohen The pathologic abnormalities shown here are associated with which of the following mutations
Inclusionology 01
Courtesy of Dr. Mark Cohen Which of the following proteins is present in greatest abundance in this cytoplasmic inclusion
Cholinergic and Anticholinergic agents 01
Because someone told him to do it, a 32 year-old fisherman ingested insanely huge quantities of scopolomine. Which of the following findings will he not have as a result of taking this drug
Toxicity and Characteristic Pathology 02
Courtesy of Dr. Mark Cohen A 25 year old woman in previously good health is found at home, comatose and with bright red skin.  After a few days in the ICU, the patient expires.  An autopsy is performed. The brain is shown in the image above. What was the cause of death
Tremor 02
The above patient presents to his neurologist complaining of a tremor which has slowly been worsening over the course of several years. He states the tremor is symmetric,andhe notices it mostly in his hands. It is worse when he's trying to do something with his hand, like eating...
Movement disorders and sleep
Which of the following movement disorders is present (persists) during sleep
Tremor 01
A very old man is seen in clinic by his Neurologist. He complains of more than 2 years of worsening tremor. The tremor is worse in the right hand. It improves slightly when he uses the hand to perform a task. He has no cognitive symptoms. He drinks 5 40-oz beers every night...

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Parkinsonian neurodegenerative diseases
In 1817, James Parkinson wrote his Essay on the Shaking Palsy. He described a disorder manifest as involuntary tremulous motion…with a propensity to bend the trunk forward and to pass from a walking to a running pace: the senses and intellects being uninjured...
Parkinson Disease: Nature, Nurture, and Neurodegeneration (video)

Thalamotomy for Parkinson Disease 1976 Coronal (image)


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Thalamotomy for Parkinson Diseas