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Online Learning Course Catalog

A list of the courses available on

last modified: Monday, September 1 2014

There are 7 courses available on

1:       Neuropathology for Neurology Residents
  The syllabus for the neuropathology course for neurology residents at Case Western Reserve University

2:       EMG Tutorial
  A searchable, illustrated tutorial for electromyography (EMG). Describes innervation, anatomy, appropriate needle placement, and activation techniques for muscles commonly studied using EMG.

3:       Nerve Conduction Studies for Electrodiagnostic Technologists
  An online course on Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) specifically for electrodiagnostic technologists.

4:       Topics in Basic Neurology
  A collection of brief tutorials on basic topics in clinical neurology.

5: User Tutorials
  Guides on how to get the most out of

6:       Adam Sprouse-Blum's Picture Mnemonics
  Mnemonics are tools for remembering concepts. They are useful in quickly learning and retaining concepts medical school. University of Hawaii medical student Adam Sprouse-Blum suggests that for visual learners, photographs containing cues to remember the concepts may be a more effective way of building a mnemonic. He has assembled a collection of those mnemonics here.

7:       Neuroanatomy
  A set of educational materials intended to supplement a second-year medical school neuroscience course.