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Sural Sensory Nerve - recording behind the Lateral Malleolus (antidromic)

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Sural Sensory Nerve (antidromic)

Origin:  S1 root, sacral plexus, sciatic nerve, tibial nerve.

Recording Site:  Lateral Malleolus

Reference Site:  Side of the foot

Ground:  Top of foot

Stimulation Site:  Back of lower leg

Procedure:  The patient should be lying on their side (opposite side from extremity being tested) with the foot resting on the bed.  The recording electrode is placed slightly off and under the lateral malleolus bone, on a straight line to the heel.  The reference electrode is placed on the side of the foot, midpoint between the 5th toe and heel.  A distance of 14 cm is measured from G1 to the back of the leg