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Ulnar Mononeuropathy

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Median sensory recording index and middle  fingers.
Ulnar sensory recording the llittle  finger.
Radial sensory recording the dorsal thumb.
Dorsal Ulnar sensory recording the dorsum of the hand
Median motor recording the abductor pollicis brevis with F-Waves.
Ulnar motor recording the abductor digiti minimi with F-Waves.
Ulnar motor recording the first dorsal interosseous with F-Waves.

If there is evidence of moderate or severe ulnar neuropathy, or the patient has bilateral symptoms, or the referring physician requested both hands, perform on the contralateral side the following:  the ulnar (s), dorsal ulnar (s) and ulnar (m) to ADM and 1st DI with f-waves.

Needle Examination

Perform needle exam on the symptomatic limb.  Test the minimum of one muscle innervated by the C5, C6, C7, C8 and T1 spinal roots as well as the FDI, ADM and the ulnar nerve innervated forearm muscles.  If the ulnar innervated muscles are abnormal, the examination should include non ulnar C8/medial cord/lower trunk muscles, to exclude brachial plexopathy and cervical paraspinals to exclude radiculopathy.

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