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Muscle Name: Rhomboid

AKA:   musculus rhomboideus major


Spinal Nerve Roots:

Brachial Plexus Trunks: NA

Brachial Plexus Cords: NA
Named Nerves: dorsal scapular nerve

Proximal Attachment:   Spinous processes of the T2 to T5 vertebrae

Distal Attachment:   Medial border of the scapula, inferior to the insertion of rhomboid minor muscle

Action:    Retracts the scapula. Fixes the sacpula to the thoracic wall.

Needle Insertion:    With the patient in the lying on their side with the arm internally rotated and adducted the needle is inserted at the midpoint between the suprascapular spine and the angle of the scapula lateral to the thoracic spinous processes. The needle must be inserted through the trapezius.

Activation for EMG:  Have the patient abduct their arm.

Pitfalls:  If the needle is too superficial the trapezius will be sampled.