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Extensor Hallucis Longus

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Muscle Name: extensor hallucis longus

AKA:  musculus extensor hallucis longus

Abbreviation: EHL

Spinal Nerve Roots:
    lumbosacral plexus

Named Nerves:
    deep peroneal nerve

    common peroneal nerve

    sciatic nerve

Proximal Attachment:  Mid shaft of the fibula

Distal Attachment:  Distal phalanx of the first toe.

Action: Extend the toe and dorsi-flexion of the foot. It may have some weak everter aciton as well.

Needle Insertion: Approximately 3-4 centimeters proximal to the lateral malleolus with the needle angling medially toward the tibial bone.

Activation for EMG: 

Pitfalls:  If inserted too medially the tibialis anterior tendon may be pierced which may to a bent needle. A lateral insertion with sample the peroneus tertius.


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