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Abductor Digiti Quinti Pedis

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Muscle Name: abductor digiti quinti pedis

AKA:  Abductor digiti minimi pedis, Abductor minimi digiti, Abductor digiti quinti, musculus abductor digiti minimi pedis

Abbreviation: ADQP

Spinal Nerve Roots:
    lumbosacral plexus

Named Nerves:
    lateral plantar nerve

    tibial nerve

    sciatic nerve

Proximal Attachment:  Plantar aponeurosis

Distal Attachment:  Fifth toe or Phalanges

Action:   flexes and abducts the fifth toe

Needle Insertion: In the lateral aspect of the foot approximately two centimeters proximal to the metatarsalphalangeal joint.

Activation for EMG:  Ask the patient to spread their toes.