Have you seen the parietal watch?


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For medical students studying neuroanatomy, feel free to ask your questions here, or post answers to questions here.


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Is the secondary somatosensory cortex the same as the somatosensory association cortex?


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Excellent question.

Somatosensory association cortex is a more general term, whereas secondary somatosensory cortex (SS2) is a more specifically defined area.  Secondary somatosensory cortex is one region of somatosensory association cortex; there are others.  

More info:  http://www.neurology.org/content/43/4/762.full.pdf 

PMID: 8469337 

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Does the cuneocerebellar tract enter the cerebellum via the inferior cerebellar peduncle through the restiform body?  (I know the posterior spinal cerebellar tract goes through the restiform body to get into the cerebellum.  Nolte seems to imply the cuneocerebellar tract takes the same course but is not specific about the restiform body bit.)


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How does the Romberg test test for deficits in the vestibular system when you are standing still? Doesn't the vestibular system detect changes in angular and linear acceleration?

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