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Marshall iPED Conference Presentation

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Creating Web-Based Teaching and Testing Materials and Integrating Them with Classroom-Based Face-To-Face Learning

 J. Douglas Miles, M.D., Ph.D.



What we'll discuss:

  • Different types of web-based teaching resources on
  • Personal experiences with attempting to integrate them into face to face learning
  • Qualitative results

What we won't:

  • Quantitative Results

Web-Based Learning has become a permanent part of education.  It comes with inherent challenges, such as

  • creating and maintaining content that engages the student in active learning
  • facilitating rapid communication between teachers and learners.


Face-to-Face Teaching Obviates these drawbacks to some degree, but requires significantly more time from the instructor.  This is a significant limitation in many disciplines, such as medicine. 


This presentation will discuss two questions:

Can web-based teaching content be effectively combined with face-to-face teaching?

Can web-based evaluation content be effectively combined with face-to-face teaching?