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Welcome to the Neuropathology course

Last updated on Sunday, December 28 2008 by jdmiles

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Welcine to the neuropathology course!

The pages, images, and multimedia files in this course should provide an ample introduction to neuropathology for a neurology resident.

This course is designed to be adaptable to your style of learning, and how you approach the course is up to you.  If you like, you can start at the first chapter, go through all the pages and links in order, until you get to the end.  Or, you can leap from one link to another in a random fashion until you feel you have learned what you need.  Or, you could just look stuff up on whenever you have a question about a specific topic.


Each page you see will look kind of like this one.  Near the top of the page, you'll see the main content - in this case, all these words introducing the course.  Below this main content, you'll see a bunch of links to other stuff.  Some will be simple text links.  Others will be very small images, like this one:


When you click one of these thumbnail images, it will open a new page with a larger version of that image or movie.  

Also, some images will show extra features (explanations, arrows, audio, etc) when you put your cursor over the image.

Finally, at the bottom of every page, you'll see a place for user comments.  We invite you to leave any comments at all here.  Start a dialogue about the topic covered on the page, leave feedback for the person who posted the information, or ask a question. Whatever.

Please feel free to explore.  We hope you enjoy this course.  Please leave any feedback you can think of.