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Major Landmarks and Divisions of the Nervous System

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Major Landmarks and Divisions of the Nervous System


This section describes major landmarks of the nervous system, and what comprises the central and peripheral nervous system. 



By the end of this section, make certain that you understand what each of these terms mean, and can apply them appropriately.  If applicable, make sure you can find each item on an anatomical specimen, brain section, or image of a brain.


  • cerebrum
  • brainstem
  • spinal cord
  • root
  • brachial plexus
  • lumbosacral plexus
  • central nervous system
  • peripheral nervous system
  • cerebral hemisphere
  • frontal lobe
  • parietal lobe
  • occipital lobe
  • temporal lobe
  • limbic lobe
  • diencephalon
  • thalamus
  • hypothalamus
  • midbrain
  • pons
  • medulla
  • cerebellum
  • open medulla
  • closed medulla
  • folia