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help What is FrontalCortex.com? Oct 06, 2007 @ 05:16

FrontalCortex.com is a resource for residents, medical students, and attending physicians studying neurology.

It features an ever-growing question bank filled with multiple questions on many different neurology topics, to help you study for the neurology boards or the Residency Inservice Training Exam (RITE Exam).  It's a free on-line board review.

Each of the questions in the question bank is a small program, with many permutations, so that you'll get a slightly different question each time you load it.  Some of the questions have billions of permutations, so they're like having an entire question bank in one question.  

Use of the question bank is free of charge to everyone, everywhere. 

To help keep the question bank growing, users are encouraged to contribute their own questions.  

FrontalCortex.com has other features, too.  Explore.  Check out all the features.  Let me know what you think.

Enjoy FrontalCortex.com.

help Who the heck are you? Mar 12, 2008 @ 21:23

I'm J. Douglas Miles, M.D., Ph.D.

I am a licensed physician and a neurology resident.

help Where does funding for FrontalCortex come from? Mar 12, 2008 @ 21:33
FrontalCortex.com is funded out of my own pocket.  This cost is offset in part by income from the advertisements which appear on every page, and by the sale of merchandise such as books and review materials, and parietal watches.

help Why are you doing this? Apr 24, 2009 @ 19:30

Other versions of this question have included, "Why the hell do you spend so much time on this?" and "What does your wife think?"

Well, here's the deal.  I've been programming since I was in grade school (back then, it was Fortran on punchcards).  Some people golf.  Some fish.  I write code.  It's what I like to do.

In high school, I started writing programs to quiz myself on my Spanish vocabulary, and I've been writing programs to help me study ever since.  It works.  FrontalCortex.com is just a continuation of this.

I built up FrontalCortex.com during my internship, residency and fellowship.  It's been very rewarding, and because of FrontalCortex, I've met some great folks who also have a strong interest in providing free educational materials to the neurology community - like gliageek and rednucleus.

In 2008, Case Western Reserve University needed an online neuropathology course, and we decided to host it on FrontalCortex.  Gliageek has been the prime contributor for that course.

Now, I'm creating a new neurology residency program at Marshall Univeristy in Huntington, West Virginia.  Naturally, I plan to host much of the curriculum on FrontalCortex.

So, what started as a hobby and a study aide has become an asset to me as an instructor, and something that I think will benefit people studying neurology everywhere.  

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