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Vasculature of the brain

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Vasculature of the Brain

A tutorial on the arterial and venous supply of the brain.



By the end of this section, make certain that you understand what each of these terms mean, and can apply them appropriately.  If applicable, make sure you can find each item on a whole brain, brain section, or image of a brain.

  • circle of Willis
  • anterior spinal artery
  • anterior cerebral arteries
  • anterior communicating artery
  • anterior inferior cerebellar arteries
  • basilar artery
  • internal carotid arteries
  • middle cerebral arteries
  • pontine arteries
  • posterior cerebral arteries
  • postierior inferior cerebellar arteries
  • superior cerebellar arteries
  • vertebral arteries
  • basal vein
  • great cerebral vein
  • internal cerebral veins
  • superior sagittal sinus


Section 1: Overview and Surface Anatomy

Section 2: Looking at the Brain from Different Angles

Section 3: Neuroanatomy Landmarks: Ventricles

Section 4: Neuroanatomy Landmarks: Diencephalon

Section 5: Neuroanatomy Landmarks: Basal Ganglia

Section 6: The Brainstem

Section 7: Vasculature of the Brain

Section 8: Cranial Nerves


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