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A set of educational materials intended to supplement a second-year medical school neuroscience course.


If you are currently using this to study neuroanatomy, I would request that you direct any questions to me through the Neuroanatomy User Forum on 


To study anatomy, you will need a textbook and an atlas. The atlas I recommend is Haines:

Recommended atlas: Haines, Neuroanatomy: An Atlas of Structures, Sections, and Systems. (ISBN:1605476536)Advertising:

For a textbook, I recommend Nolte. However, many students find it to be too dense, too complete. An alternative textbook you may prefer is Blumenfeld's Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases.

Recommended text: Nolte, The Human Brain. (ISBN:0323041310)Advertising:

Alternative text: Blumenfeld, Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases. (ISBN:0878936130)Advertising:

This resource will be frequently updated.  I will continue to add material from September through December.  Check back frequently.


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How to use this course

Basic Physiology of Nerve and Muscle

Introduction to the Nervous System

Brain and Brainstem

Sensory Pathways

Sensory Cranial Nerves

Motor Pathways

Motor Cranial Nerves



Audition and the Vestibular System


Olfaction, Limbic System, and Autonomics

Cerebral Cortex

The Neurological Physical Exam, and Approach to Diagnostic Problems in Neurology